The Journey so far!

Balancing kids and work and a household with absolutely no off time is completely bonkers! But the strange bit is I wouldn’t have it any other way. What started off as leaving the career of my dreams after finding the perfect soul mate, set me on a whirlwind course of starting a family quite young, not being able to return to my dream career which demanded long hours and wanting to work around my kids. Wrap that all up and all of a sudden I was labelled a Mumtrepreneur!

It’s been tough and with no.3 en route, things are harder trying to manage a zero investment business and a rebellious family under 5. But is it rewarding? Yes definitely! In this blog you are going to find my life musings, the journeys and experiences I have as an entrepreneur and a mum dealing with work and life in general as a Work From Home Mum (WAHM) trying to change the way a country works.